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Washington DC  |  August 7-11


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Tour Dates:

Washington DC | August 7-11


Welcome to Wicked Surrender

In the fast-paced world where strength and control are your armor, there exists a sanctuary—an oasis where the public facade fades away, and your deepest desires are ignited. Welcome to Wicked Surrender, where you discover the liberation you secretly crave.

Step into a world where pleasure meets power, and fantasies become reality.

to Wicked Surrender

Indulge in the Forbidden, embrace the Release

If you have been entrenched in the relentless day-to-day grind, trapped within the confines of your public persona, this is a sanctuary where the weight of expectations and responsibilities evaporates.

Mistress Ashadar understands the dichotomy that exists within you- the expectation for power and control in the boardroom and your secret longing for surrender behind closed doors.

Unleash Your Kinkiest Desires

Are you ready to surrender control and explore the depths of your desires?

Step into a realm where your public persona is set aside, and societal norms dissolve, giving way to the electric charge of your wicked surrender.

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Meet Mistress Ashadar

A seasoned and powerful dominatrix, She invites you to embark on a journey of submission and pleasure like never before. She combines her sensual beauty with wicked expertise and empathy, creating a safe and consensual space for exploration. With a keen understanding of the psychological and physical aspects of BDSM, She tailors each session to your unique needs, unleashing your darkest fantasies while honoring your personal boundaries and your journey into yourself.

Indulge in the rare opportunity to explore your authentic erotic blueprint, and the experience of a lifetime to unravel the layers of desire that lie beneath the surface. Here, surrender is not merely physical; it's a potent experience that extends to the psyche, allowing you to rediscover the healing that comes with embracing your true self. Release the tension, unwind the grind, and embark on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and unbridled pleasure. Bend the knee. Release your mind.

a distinguished Asian dominatrix who specializes in the intricate dance of power exchange with high-powered executive men.

Mistress Ashadar specializes in the unique psyche of the high powered, executive man. Unwind from the demands of the corporate world as She takes the reins, allowing you to relinquish control and savor the intoxicating freedom of submission.

Tailored Sessions for the

Experience the thrill of domination with a range of indulgences:

Also known as Passionate Dominance or the Girlfriend Domina experience, this is a heart opening encounter crafted for individuals desiring a fusion of sadism, intimacy, and connection. This experience challenges the notion that all power exchange must be stern and devoid of emotion.

Romantic Sadism:

In ancient times, Kings would consult Oracles for advice on important matters regarding warfare, politics, and governance. This is an exclusive opportunity for a limited number of power players to leverage the unfair advantage of a Domme Oracle. Whether you're commanding the boardroom or closing that deal, leverage Mistress Ashadar's 16 years of no-bullshit business experience to create win-win scenarios in all aspects of life.

Executive Men's Domme Advisor / The Domme Oracle:

Redefine cognitive behaviors and nurture personal growth in a liberating and erotic manner. Explore beyond the surface of the conscious mind, delving into the mind's expansive and intimate landscapes to expedite positive life changes through consensual power exchange.

NeuroLinguistic Programming and Erotic Hypnosis:

Unwind after a demanding workday with our Happy Hour Virtual Session. Alternatively, surrender your weekend to chastity control with our Taste of Keyholding experience. No matter where you are in the world, you can loosen that tie and savor the sweet release of psychological decompression with our virtual offerings.

Virtual BDSM Immersions:

Embark on one of our distinctive lifestyle experiences, like our Dinner and Domination session, a 4-hour fusion of exquisite dining, followed by an expertly crafted domination session. This exquisite experience is tailored for those seeking not just a session, but an immersive evening of engaging conversation, culinary indulgence and sensual exploration. Or, escape to a bespoke, full sensation Exclusive Weekend Retreat and receive the undivided BDSM vacation that you will remember for a lifetime.

Tailored Lifestyle Experiences:

Begin a transformative journey of self-discovery and exploration with individualized BDSM coaching. Whether you are ready to discover your BDSM blueprint, enhance self confidence, or learn how to build a healthy kink dynamic, Mistress Ashadar is here to offer guidance from her 6 years in a 24/7 kink relationship. Spice (or spank) up the bedroom by embracing your authentic self. Coaching is available for solos, couples, trios, and more!

BDSM Coaching:

Gentleman Connoisseur

Executive Domination:

Experience the ultimate surrender.

Submit to your desires and explore the depths of your submission with Mistress Ashadar.

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