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are you ready to surrender control and explore the depths of your desires?

Step into a world where fantasies become reality. My BDSM services offer a unique blend of sensuality, sadism and control, tailored to ignite your deepest desires and push the boundaries of psychological submission. From sensual bondage to intense domination, each session is a carefully crafted exploration of power dynamics and deepening your erotic blueprint. Whether you're new to the world of BDSM or a seasoned worshiper, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and mind-body freedom. Embark on an unforgettable adventure and surrender to Me with My exclusive BDSM offerings.

I am discerning about who enters my realm and deliberate about where I invest my energy. My decision on accepting new submissives is guided by My interest in you as an individual, your motivations for serving me, and the alignment of our desires. To be considered to Play, it is vital that you approach me with thoughtfulness and adhere to My Protocol & Etiquette


Apply to Play

Only submissives who apply through My Apply to Play form will be considered.

Decompress after a day at the office with a meticulously crafted virtual domination session. Designed for those seeking an immersive psychological escape after a demanding work day. Lock that office door and pour yourself a drink. There’s no better way to unwind than with Play. Phone or video. Or, if you’re stuck in a meeting and are bored, let’s text.


Happy Hour Virtual Session

Virtual  Experiences

  • $200 / 1 hour

  • $400 / 2 hours

  • $600 / 3 hours

Enter the realm erotic denial via virtual chastity play. Step off the rollercoaster of unlimited self gratification and post ejaculatory dysphoria by surrendering to the discipline of Mistress Ashadar’s control. Includes AM and PM check-in’s, photo accountability on demand, elective quests, and sadistic tease and denial.

Taste of Keyholding

  • $200 / Weekend

  • $600 / Week

  • $2200 / Month

Whether you are ready to discover your BDSM blueprint, enhance self confidence, or learn how to build a healthy kink relationship, Mistress Ashadar is here to offer guidance from her 6 years of experience in a healthy and loving 24/7 kink relationship. Spice (or spank) up the bedroom by embracing your authentic self. Coaching is available for solos, couples, trios, and more!

BDSM Coaching

  • $200 / hour Mistress Ashadar only

  • $250 / hour Mistress Ashadar + her 24/7 chastity partneR

Embark on a journey of complete liberation with an In Person Dungeon Session, meticulously crafted for those seeking full body respite from the demands of work, deadlines, and expectations. In Person Dungeon sessions begin at 2 hours minimum and are designed to provide a profound escape into a realm where surrender meets pleasure. First time clients are invited to book an introductory 1 hour session for their first session only.

Dungeon Session

In Person Experiences

  • $400 / 1 hour (first time client special) 

  • $800 / 2 hours

  • $1200 / 3 hours

  • $1600 / 4 hours

Indulge in a unique fusion of exquisite dining followed by an expertly crafted domination session. This customized experience is tailored for those seeking not just a BDSM session but an immersive evening of engaging conversation, culinary indulgence and sensual titillation.

Dinner and Domination Date Night

  • $1600 / 4 hours

  • $2400 / 6 hours

Escape on an extraordinary journey with a tailored whole day or whole evening domination experience. Crafted for those yearning for an extended and immersive exploration of their desires. Whether we commence with cocktails and an intimate social affair, or immerse ourselves entirely behind closed doors, relish in the realization of your deepest desires.

Whole Day or Evening Immersion

4+ hours I require a meal. Dinner date, room service or delivery counts.

$3200 / 8 hours

Treat yourself to a bespoke, exclusive weekend retreat and receive the undivided attention you deserve… an entire weekend dedicated to your kinky pleasure. Experience a weekend immersion into a 24/7 kink lifestyle. Escape into a full sensation BDSM vacation that you will remember for a lifetime.

I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and 3 solid meals per day.

Bespoke Weekend Retreat

  • $8000 / 2 day, 1 night weekend

  • $12000 / 3 day, 2 night weekend

Available as an add-on to any 4+ hour In Person Experience. I require airfare, transportation and accommodations to be covered, and a session deposit made at time of booking.

Fly Me To You


Exclusive opportunity for a limited number of dedicated devotees to partake in long term lifestyle servitude. Enjoy private admittance into My inner world including but not limited to private dinners, kinky texting, key holding, long distance chastity, in person or virtual sessions, and in person or virtual servitude. Application is unlocked only after completing 3 virtual or in person sessions with Mistress Ashadar.


Long Term Domination or Key Holding


Starts at $2500 per month, by application only.

In ancient times, kings would consult Oracles for advice on important matters such as warfare, politics, and governance. This is an exclusive opportunity for a limited number of power players to leverage the unfair advantage of a Domme Oracle. Whether you're commanding the boardroom or closing a deal, Mistress Ashadar is your Domme Advisor to maximizing decision-making skills and personal power, creating win-win scenarios in all aspects of life.

With her unparalleled interpersonal skills and over 16 years of no-bullshit business experience, capitalize on Mistress Ashadar's expertise to elevate your success. Includes but not limited to private dinners, no bullshit business coaching and advisory services, business event “girlfriend” companionship, and in person or virtual sessions. Application is unlocked only after completing 3 virtual or in person sessions with Mistress Ashadar.

Executive Men's Domme Advisor / The Domme Oracle

Starts at $2500 per month, by application only.

The Diamond Collar Club is Mistress Ashadar's private slave harem.  This elite inner circle is reserved for those who seek the thrill of absolute surrender and kneeling closest to My feet. This ultimate offering is curated for the rare few invested in seeking ultimate salvation from the mendacity of this physical realm.  Immerse yourself in My breath, actualize into My desires, and receive the ultimate gift of rebirth, into My pleasure.  

The Diamond Collar Club

starts at $5000 per month. By invitation only.

Ready to explore your limits?

Embrace your desires and surrender to your erotic blueprint.

Apply to Play

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