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A highly educated professional, Mistress Ashadar holds a doctorate degree in medicine, where She developed a keen interest in human psychology, sacred sexuality, and mind-body behavioral health. Mistress Ashadar has been extensively trained in conscious kink, tantric bodywork and divine sexuality. She seamlessly intertwines intellectual prowess with the art of seduction through dominance. The fusion of her exquisite Asian beauty and the commanding power She exudes imparts an exotic depth to her sessions, crafting an experience that transcends mere fantasy.

Through a combination of intellect, intuition, and seduction, you are invited into a world where societal barriers and expectations dissolve into freedom of expressing the man behind the mask. Step into a realm where sophistication meets submission, guided by the expertise of a dominatrix who delights in the wicked nuances of your surrender.

a distinguished Asian dominatrix specializing in the intricate dance of power exchange with alpha men who are accustomed to being in control.

What a delicious breed you are.


This Goddess of a Woman has been my key holder for over 5 years.

Surrendering to Her has granted me the ultimate physical and mental liberation any man could dream of. Whether wearing chastity at her command or completing a simple discrete task at my desk, each moment transforms a mundane workday into a sacred act of devotion. By surrendering to my erotic blueprint and learning to embrace the totality of my kinkiest self, Mistress Ashadar has freed me into a man that excels at every facet of life. Every moment with Her is pure bliss.

- Anthony, chastity slave

Serving Mistress Ashadar has transformed my life.

In addition to molding me as a service sub, Mistress has utilized our power dynamic to instill a strong work ethic in my private life, which has helped build my self esteem in my public life. Through serving Her, I have learned to care for myself. On top of that, dungeon sessions with Mistress Ashadar are dynamite. She knows how to play with my fears and fetishes in ways that few other Mistresses have. I always forget about the outside world when I’m at Her mercy.

- Ben, service submissive

Mistress Ashadar commands the spotlight at our local dungeon.

Observing Her weave a tangible pulse field of psychological dominance with minimal or no tools is truly captivating. Her formidable force field ensnares all who dare to witness Her power.

- John, devotee

She is a Domina to Her core. It is the essence of Her being.

I have had the honor and privilege to be among Ava Ashadar’s inner circle for the last several years. I have studied with some of the premier Pro Dommes from all over the world and I can say, unequivocally, that the raw, pure talent that Mistress Ashadar possesses is unlike anything I have seen before. Her embodiment is a level of artistry, beauty, and pure power that I have not witnessed anywhere else. It is exquisite and mesmerizing. Those who choose to experience Mistress Ashadar will walk away transfixed and transformed. She is in a league of her own, and one that the professional BDSM scene has not seen before.

Be part of history in the making and submit to Her.

- Princess of Paris

With a single glance, she severs the burdens of my everyday stressors, emails, and responsibilities. 

- Ken, CEO

I am left in the tranquil embrace of solitude, entirely subject to Her will.

The time is now.


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